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About Paradigm Tax Consulting

Paradigm Tax Consulting offers the expert tax planning techniques that only a Certified Tax Coach can provide. With our unparalleled training and experience, we have the ability to uncover hidden deductions and tax credits that will significantly reduce your taxes. We diligently create personalized tax plans to significantly reduce tax liabilities and protect income for highly successful business owners, doctors, dentists, and high net worth families.

Powerful Tax Reduction Strategies

We are more than accountants, we are highly-educated tax advisors. With our effective, legal, and ethical tax reduction strategies, our clients pay the lowest amount of tax required by state and federal standards. Call Paradigm Tax Consulting at 925-240-2886 to schedule your free consultation today and learn how we can reduce your taxes. As a thank you gift for scheduling a free consultation, we'll provide a copy of The Great Tax Escape*.

*The free book offer is limited to successful business owners who fit our target audience.

Richard Inglis

Meet Richard Inglis

Rich specializes in advanced tax planning strategies, tax preparation for small businesses and tax resolution and representation.

Rich has been an Enrolled Agent since 2011. He is a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute as well as a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and National Association of Tax Professionals.

Rich understands that tax professionals and financial advisors rarely talk during the year regarding the tax consequences of trades or other investment decisions and as a result the client is presented with an unexpected tax bill at the end of the year. As an Enrolled Agent and Registered Investment Advisor, he has the knowledge and skills to suggest and implement strategies that can save clients thousands of dollars on their tax bill.

In his spare time, Rich enjoys cycling, golf and video gaming.